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Exceeds expectations Matt is a true professional. I love everything about my experience going to him for both a relaxing massage as well as taking care of pain. He really understands my need and he sets up the perfect environment in his studio to maximize the experience and avoid any uncomfortable elements that will disturb your treatment - from the greeting at the door, to listening to your needs, adjusting temperature and ambient music, giving you the full, if not more, time and taking your time to relax afterwards and get ready. But most of all, I appreciate Matt's skills. He really understands the body and how and why problems/pain occur - and he can fix them. I'm so glad I found this place. I've been avoiding going to massage therapists for years because of the bad experience contra price. Matt's service is worth every penny!
David C
Amazing relaxing massage I get a massage monthly and they are amazing. I am relaxed afterwards. This is a treat for your mind and body. I recommend Matt to all of my friends and family.
Super, just fabulous! Matt is an expert and leaves you feeling like a big pool of jellly and like the Energizer bunny all at the same time. Pretty amazing, have never had a massage do that :-)
Highly recommend I’ve been very happy with the back massage sessions I’ve had with Matt. He’s very delicate yet efficient. The only issue is that he’s very busy and me too so it can be hard to get an appointment that works in our schedule. Matt was able to notified me of a cancellation though.
Simply the best! I have had many massages, from many CMTs. Matt is simply the best! No question. I selected him based on reviews online and those reviewers, who all gave glowing maximum star reviews, were unable to put into words how professional, thorough and intuitive he really is. I schedule online which is very convenient and much easier than trying to match calendars over the telephone. The location is perfect, the reception and treatment areas were clean, organized and contained only the essentials to the treatment. Matt is very accommodating with regard to personal preference such as room temperature, massage pressure, talking/not talking, etc. He goes through an assessment of needs by interview before the appointment, requests feedback during the treatment and sits with you after the appointment and asks for an overall review of the treatment. During that post-treatment review at my first appointment, he even showed me a technique for resolving tense areas in my back using a lacrosse ball and the wall so that I could work them out on my own between massages (as opposed to scheduling more frequent and perhaps unnecessary treatments). THAT is going above and beyond and demonstrates his true interest in making sure that clients are able to be pain and tension free. I schedule 2 hour treatments and have never been on the table less than 2 hours and 10 minutes! If you are on the fence about whether to schedule, I strongly encourage you to make an appointment. I can assure you that the money and time spent will be well worth it. If you have never had a massage because you are a little uneasy about modesty or privacy, I encourage you to book with Matt. He is courteous and professional and does a phenomenal job with draping and maintaining your privacy!
Very Good Matt gave a wonderful massage. I appreciate his genuine kindness and professionalism.
Kevin W
Masterful Hands I have fibromyalgia and have had several orthopedic surgeries, needless to say I have chronic muscle spasm and pain. Matt is outstanding in relieving my discomfort and making me feel relaxed. He is very professional and just an all around nice guy! Just wish we could clone him so he had more appointments available.
Excellent professional massage My appointment with Matt was excellent. I had some issues with upper back pain that he was able to work out with the deep pressure that I like! His studio was clean and comfortable and easy to get to. I will be returning for many future appointments!
Kyle Birch
Fantastic, let oneself go, calm break massage Ever. Ive been getting full body massages since forever, and every time getting a massage from Matt I feel totally reborn, refresh and so relaxed! It's like being on vacation. Matt is wonderful and amazing at hes gift. Highly recommend massage therapist in Indianapolis ;)
Wonderful I don't normally get relaxed to the point where I'd fall asleep during a massage, but in this case I certainly almost did fall asleep. Fantastic massage--got just the right amount of pressure to work out a LOT of tension.
Great massage! I was so relaxed afterwards. Matt is extremely professional and the online booking engine is wonderful and I like the follow up and reminder e-mails, a very nice touch. The location is excellent, right in the downtown area, clean and very quiet room to relax in. I will definatley go back to Matt when I get a chance! He even sent me a thank you card, which is just so cute.
This was my birthday present. My girlfriend would tell me nothing- only that it was a surprise, it was in the Stutz Building, and that she was going to drop me off and leave.- Great. That narrows it down. Puts me at ease. While she is not nearly as sneaky as I am she is ten times as ornery.- I was petrified.

It was a Sunday, and when we got to the entrance my girlfriend had to make a phone call. "Hi, Matt. We are downstairs by the door." Click. Who was that? Why is the door locked? In a few minutes a very friendly man named Matt arrives at the door to let us in. I still have no idea what is happening. My girlfriend informs Matt of this and has a laugh at my expense. Matt informs me that my girlfriend is very sneaky. Indeed, sir.

After what seemed like a mile hike up stairs and through long corridors we arrived at a door, and despite my nerves I managed to read the words "Massage Therapist" somewhere on it.

I had been having a lot of pain in my jaw and neck, and this was the best thing that anyone could have got me for my birthday. Before Matt started he asked me what was hurting, so I can only assume that this is not a one-size-fits-all massage. I told him that my jaw and neck hurt, and he started with my jaw and neck. I felt so much better after about five minutes that I could not keep from smiling.

My massage was a full body massage, and Matt relieved the tension in places that I didn't even know were tense. The massage was supposed to be an hour long, but I was on the table for probably and hour and fifteen minutes. From what I have heard about massage pricing, if you pay for an hour you will get about fifty minutes. My girlfriend paid for an hour, and I got about and hour and fifteen minutes.

Matt is a very nice guy. He is very professional, and he does the CMT gig part-time. He obviously loves doing it and he is very appreciative of his customers. He has already sent me a thank you card and a Christmas card. If you need a massage or know someone that does make an appointment with Matt. Hopefully, one day he can quit his day job and be a full-time massage therapist.

It has been about a month since my massage, and while the pain in my jaw and neck have returned it is still more manageable than it was before I saw Matt. I will definitely be scheduling another appointment in the near future.
Want a great deep tissue or relaxing massage? Matt is your man!  He was a great massage student and is now a wonderful therapist. ......Janis,his former instructor
I have been seeing Matt for 90-minute monthly massages since May. I wanted to wait a while before posting my review. The verdict is in, he's the best, and very deserving of his 2014 win on Indy's A List for best massage in Indy!

Matt's space at the Stutz Business Center brings a peaceful oasis to a cool part of downtown. I love the history of the Stutz Center and it's inventive repurposing. A zen-like feeling awaits in Matt's studio where the sound of trickling water invites you to escape reality for a bit.

Matt has choreographed a complete massage experience from start to finish. He moves stealthily around the room in a methodical, fluid manner. Added touches like hot towels round things out nicely and show Matt's attention to detail. No aspect of your time on the table escapes his attention and respect.

I am a person who enjoys quiet during a massage and my wishes are respected. Matt is a great conversationalist though, and I'm sure those who like to chat during a massage would find him a joy.

Hands down, Matt provides the best massage experience I've had along with the best value for my dollar.
Earlier this summer over dinner, I mentioned to a friend that I wanted to get a massage. Not one of those mall-type massages or the hydro massage bed at the gym, but a good, authentic full body massage. My friend recommended Matt and even gave me a postcard with his information on it. I regret waiting almost 6 months to get around to making my first appointment.

Scheduling my appointment was a breeze. I emailed Matt and had a response back in about an hour, and with that, my appointment was scheduled. Matt works a full time job elsewhere and does this on nights and weekends, so his hours run late for those of us who work during the day. My appointment was on a Monday evening at 7:30, which was perfect for me.

In my confirmation email were detailed directions on where to park, how to reach Matt once I arrived (the building is secure and you have to be let in after hours) and a link for a profile form to fill out ahead of time. Extremely well thought out, detailed, and easy process to make an appointment.

So... the big day. I had been looking forward to this since I made my appointment. I arrived about 15 minutes early and called Matt. He met me at the door and took me back to his studio, which was very calming and welcoming. We went through the "agenda" and talked about some areas that I wanted him to focus on. I talked to him about some previous issues and surgeries I've had with my knees, and that I would prefer those be left alone out of caution.

Matt left to wash up while I got ready. The building is old and drafty, so the warming bed felt great. The entire experience was very relaxing, from the ambiance in the room to the massage itself. I don't want to spoil the massage, so if you want to know how it is, you'll just have to book an appointment and see for yourself. Trust me, you won't be disappointed! The massage truly didn't seem like an hour, when in reality it was a little longer than one. I left feeling so much better and wondered how anyone, anywhere could do any better.

Matt was inspired to become a Certified Massage Therapist after his first massage. After mine, I told him I certainly wasn't inspired to become a Therapist, but I'm certainly inspired to come back again and again. Matt truly does care about his craft and it shows. Perhaps I'll even try the 90-minute hot stone massage next time!
Matt is Amazing, not only is his technique one of a kind, but his location is perfect and private.  This guy is beyond professional, CLEAN, genuine and serious about his craft.  
Upon entering his private studio you immediately feel comfortable.  You don't have to worry about what you look like or who you may run into at your local "cookie cutter parlors".  I felt like a VIP from start to finish.  His technique is one of a kind to just call them warm towels is an understatement he has a moves, smells, mood lighting it really takes you away its like the Cirque du Soleil of massages you will get your moneys worth.  This is his passion and it shows.  Go for it, make an appointment with Matt.
This was my first time visiting Matt for a 1 hour deep tissue massage. It was absolutely fantastic! For any athletes out there, he should be your #1 guy! Worked my IT band and relieved all the stress in my upper back and neck. It was by far the best massage I have ever received. His customer service is amazing, even providing me with massage techniques I can use at home to relieve pain/tension near my shoulder blades. He even had a bottle of water waiting for me when the massage finished. Prior to seeing Matt, I had been having trouble sleeping due to all the tighness in my back and neck and that evening after the massage, I slept like a baby! I feel energized and ready to take on the rest of the week! Thanks Matt!